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"Been in Bowie about 17 years now. Would love to get Bowie news again." 

Ann C.
Bowie business owner

September 2021


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About the Bowie Sun

Founded in 2021, The Bowie Sun LLC is a start-up news business selected by the Google News Initiative to revive community journalism in Bowie, Maryland. A core focus of the Bowie Sun is City Hall and neighborhood news, with occasional coverage of businesses, community groups, education and sports. News tips? Email: info@bowiesun.com.

Tweets and briefs from Bowie City Council meetings

Previews of major issues coming before the council

Neighborhood news, community groups and schools

Occasional profiles of Bowie businesses

Sports reels or photos from coaches and athletes

About the Team

Founder and Publisher Catherine Hollingsworth is a former journalist who wrote for the Bowie Star early in her career and went on to cover legislative and financial news for Bloomberg BNA and other news media. After more than a decade as a Washington-based reporter, Catherine worked under contract as a writer/editor for government agencies and Fortune 500 firms. A University of Michigan graduate, she is a longtime resident of Prince George's County, Maryland.

Chris Murray, a Bowie State University English lecturer and former sports editor for the Gazette, is an adviser to the Bowie Sun on editorial content and internships. A sports talk radio host, Murray's career spans more than 30 years in print and broadcast journalism. He currently covers pro and college sports teams in Philadelphia and writes a sports column for the Philadelphia Sun.

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